November 25, 2017 | MANILA, PHILIPPINES

Beyond the beaches, hills and tarsier: Bohol to launch fiesta ‘culture immersion’ campaign

BOHOL -- known for such attractions as the Chocolate Hills, tarsier, beaches, and historical sites -- is aiming to pump up its tourism industry with the development of the “Fiesta Package,” which will promote the different celebrations in the different parts of the island province and involve all 47 towns. “We still have to re-orient the municipal tourism officers in this program and this may take time,” said Bohol Provincial Tourism Council, Inc. Executive Director Emmylou Palacio-Noel in an interview. She said the fiesta campaign will likely be launched next year. “Fiestas in Bohol is not just a sole religious activity,” she said, “but a celebration of life and thanksgiving, regardless of religious affinity. This is something that the modern tourists should see and experience.” Under the Fiesta Package, communities will directly participate not just in the actual festival, but also in hosting guests to highlight local food, culture, and traditions. This culture immersion package, Ms. Noel said, is one of the major programs the tourism stakeholders in Bohol is creating following the introduction of its new brand “Behold Bohol.” -- The Freeman