November 23, 2017 | MANILA, PHILIPPINES

Lip color with staying power

DURING THE launch of the newest members of the Swimmables collection of Canadian makeup brand Cargo Cosmetics, this writer was given the opportunity to do a cursory road test on some of the liquid lipstick and eyeshadow stick shades.

Because I had another event to rush to, I figured changing my lip color would do the day-to-night makeup trick so I quickly tested the liquid lipstick in the shade called Montauk (named after the coastal hamlet in New York City).

After the first swipe, it was evident that the packaging was not true to color as the tube (which comes with a decent 4.8 gm size) looked like a dark terracotta brown while it was about one-and-a-half shades lighter (a mauve nude) when applied.

The other shade I was given, Portofino (named after the Italian fishing village) is true to the color of its packaging -- it’s a gorgeous true red.

The lip color was lightweight and very pigmented, which might fool you into thinking you only need one swipe -- but after a few minutes of letting it dry and eating an oily eel-topped rice bowl, the pigment faded unflatteringly so I had to do an emergency touch-up and add another layer.

The second swipe layered nicely and I didn’t have to touch up for about six hours. It did not budge or settle into the fine lines of my lips which is, frankly, amazing. The trade-off though is one has to contend with a slight sticky feel, especially when your lips touch. The sensation lessens after a few hours but can be quite uncomfortable for those who are not used to it.

I tested the shade for another week (an average of eight hours each day) and every time, it stayed true to its promise that it really is everything-proof. I even rubbed my lips with the back of my hand semi-viciously to prove a point and aside from a little transfer it stayed put (note that doing that move with similar lipsticks would have you look like Joker from Batman).

But while its long-wearing capabilities are to be lauded, it can be a bit of a struggle to remove as Micellar water cleansers won’t cut it and even the classic Pond’s Cold Cream takes a little bit of effort for it to be removed. An oil-based cleanser like the one of Biore worked the best and while I did have to let the oil soak my lips for a few minutes before wiping it off with a Micellar water-soaked cotton pad, it did remove the pigment without skinning my lips in the process.

So, verdict? It’s a really good product with a very reasonable price point. Some of the drawbacks are the stickiness and the effort it takes to remove it, but for those who are too lazy to retouch or want to put on makeup while on vacay on a beach somewhere, this is a worthy option to consider. -- Zsarlene B. Chua